How to Find Quality Discount Furniture

How to Find Quality Discount Furniture to Quickly Furnish Your Home or Office

If you are in the market for a new set of home furnishings, do you know where to go to find deep discounts on almost new furniture? There are many options that are available for finding discount furniture.

Rent-to-own stores

Shopping at rent to own home furnishing stores is not always a good deal. Always read the fine print at the bottom of the price tag that explains the financing costs. However, when other people who have chosen to enter into a rental contract lapse on the payments you win. When the items are returned to the store they are offered at a discount. Computers, televisions, washers, dryers, and even name brand vacuum cleaners are regularly returned. For example a previously owned living room set can be purchased for $499 at Aaron’s rent to own furniture store. These are in store specials that change every week. Always ask the manager if they have any return specials. You can even request for them to call other neighboring stores to see what they have available. These items are sometimes taking up valuable space in the stock room. The employee’s will gladly take you into the back to show you want they have. Delivery is available on these items for under $40. Always take the managers card, and call at least once a week.

Quickly Furnish Your Home or Office

Thrift Stores.

When shopping for furniture with cash in hand you never know what you will find while thrift shopping. While selecting your thrift store, think of which establishments would have the better donations. For example the humane society thrift store may have a better furniture selection. Many pet lovers want their quality furniture to be sold for a good cause, and bring in a nice portion of income for the charity. So they will not be donating junk type furniture. You may be able to find some really nice quality pieces. Look for shops in upscale neighborhoods, and ask each store attendant if they know of another thrift or consignment shop that may have what you need. Many of the best stores and sales are unadvertised.

Furniture Stores.

Traditional furniture stores are great for scratch and dent items that usually are tucked away in the very back of the stores. The key with this is to meet a sales agent. Let the sales agent know exactly what type of furniture are looking for and your price range. Most agents still get commission off the scratch and dent section. They will call you when something is available. Drop into the store at least once a month to chat with them and stay fresh on what specials they have.


Let everyone know that you are looking for furniture. Tell your associates at work, members of any clubs that you are part of, or post a bulletin in your local community center. On the bulletin include exactly what type of furniture you are looking for. List all color and pattern preferences. Leave an email or phone number to be reached. Type this same ad and put the ad . When people know that you are ready to buy, word of mouth can bring in several great offers. These offers may be top quality furniture that the owner has no need for at this time. This person may give you a great deal, simply because of the relationship they have with one of your friends or co-workers.

By visiting rent-to-own stores, thrift shops and regular furniture stores you may find what you are looking for. Keep searching. While in the middle of you search do not give up, put your requests out there. Place your own advertisements around town. Let someone else’s need for more space, or having to move benefit you. Make it easy for the furniture you want to come to you.