2021 NHL Finals Live Stream

2021 NHL Finals Live Stream: West Division Preview

The West Division is doing extremely well in the NHL this season. Many experts are saying the winning team may come from this division. Well, we’ll know that after the NHL Finals live stream in July.

There are four teams in the West Division that are participating in the play-off. Let’s find out how they are doing till now and who has the chance of winning.

NHL Finals Live Stream: West Division

NHL Finals Live Stream: West Division

As you already know, there aren’t any conferences this year. Instead, a total of four divisions are fighting for the Championship. After the second round of the play-off, one team from each of the four divisions will fight for qualifying in the finals.

The four-team that has been qualified for the play-off from the West Division are:

  1. Colorado Avalanche (West Division Champion, Presidents’ Trophy Winner) – 82 points (35 RWs)
  2. Vegas Golden Knights – 82 points (30 RWs)
  3. Minnesota Wild – 75 points
  4. St. Louis Blues – 63 points

Colorado Avalanche and Vegas Golden are having an awesome journey this season. They both finished the regular season with 82 points. That’s the highest this season. So, based on the RWs, Colorado became the President Trophy’s winner in season 2020-21.

In the first round of the play-off, Colorado is facing the St. Louis Blues. At the same time, Vegas is facing the Minnesota Wild.

Let’s analyze their potential of winning this season.

Colorado Avalanche

The Colorado Avalanche is one of the top candidates to win the Stanley Cup Finals this year. In the regular season, they have performed better than ever and won the President Trophy. Even in the first round of the play-off, they have won four consecutive games and advanced to the second round. So, if you’re a Colorado fan, then you may not want to miss the NHL Finals live stream. That’s because you may see your favorite team holding the Stanley Cup.

Vegas Golden Knights

Vegas also had an amazing regular season this year. If Colorado fails to reach the finals, there’s a high chance of Vegas Golden Knights. In the first round of the play-off, they have defeated Minnesota in a competitive series. The series went on till the seventh game. And then Vegas settled the score to 4-3 to advance to the second round.

Minnesota Wild

Minnesota was also doing great this season. But you already know that they lost to Vegas. Still, they gave a tough fight. So, you have to respect their effort.

St. Louis Blues

Sadly, the 2019 Stanley Cup Champions are not having a good season. They tried their best, but it wasn’t enough to defeat the Colorado Avalanche. So, they got eliminated from the play-off—best of luck to St. Louis for the next season.

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Final Thoughts

In the NHL Finals live stream, we’ll find out whether it’s Colorado or Vegas. There’s also a possibility that it is none of them. Still, based on their recent performances, the Colorado Avalanche will compete in the finals if they do not win the Stanley Cup. What’s your opinion on this matter, and who are you supporting in this year’s NHL games?