Car Trip Eating Tray for Kids

Car Trip Eating Tray for Kids

Compartment Travel Tray

What you’ll need:

Foil muffin tins
Assorted foods
Foil or plastic wrap
Disposable silverware (optional)

Car Trip Eating Tray

When you’re traveling, one of the greatest expenses – other than gas – is the price of meals in restaurants. Of course, visiting restaurants and interesting places is part of the fun of traveling. Still, if you have to travel with children, but you need to keep the food expense to a minimum, leave the driveway with some eating trays that you prepare at home. Compartment travel trays work well as lap trays for kids and adults. You’ll save a fortune and you’ll have good meals on the way to your destination. Muffin pans are the perfect choice when it comes to making travel eating trays.

Muffin pans – particularly the ones that hold only four muffins – are ideal for offering a full meal to a child. In addition, the pan provides a place for a drink cup. What more can you ask for from a travel tray? Use foil muffin pans and the lap trays won’t be heavy or awkward. Each pan features four bowl-type compartments that are deep enough to hold nice portions.

There are so many foods that you can take with you when you travel with muffin pan meals. Each compartment can hold meat, fruit, vegetables, dips, snacks, and more. A child’s tray might contain cutup hot dogs, chips, and apple slices. An adult’s tray could feature meat in one compartment, potatoes in another, and fruit in another. If you’ll be having a cup drink with the meal, leave one compartment empty to hold the glass.

As you travel to your destination, you can set a meal on the lap of each child, and have breakfast, lunch, or supper, while driving. The trays stack nicely in a cooler so it’s no problem to take several meals along with you. Or, just create snack trays that the family will share. A muffin tin can hold three compartments of chips, and one of dip. The tin could also hold four muffins – great for a travel breakfast. Other foods that fit nicely into the muffin tin compartments include doughnut holes, meatballs, spaghetti, dry cereal, cocktail wieners, cheese cubes, crackers, mini pretzels, Chex mix, cold cut and cheese roll-ups, cutup french toast or pancakes, and assorted fruits and vegetables.

Cover each tray with foil or cling wrap; provide a disposable silverware pack with a napkin, if needed. Now you can travel to your destination, save money, eat well, and have a great time.