Masters Golf 2021 Live Stream

Masters Golf 2021 Live Stream: Audio Broadcasting Channel

Audio channels are the best partner when you are driving. Or maybe doing some work while listening to the radio. No matter what you are doing, if you are a golf fan you must know what’s happening in The Masters Golf Tournament.

You always can get the updates later if you are busy at the moment. But can it match the excitement of knowing everything live?

Obviously not. That’s why audio broadcasting is important. You can listen to Masters Golf 2021 Live Stream, at the same time do the necessary work or drive to your destination.

The Masters Golf Audio Broadcasting on Sirius XM

The Masters Golf Audio Broadcasting on Sirius XM

Sirius XM is an American audio broadcasting company. Earlier, they announced that they signed a new agreement with Augusta National Golf Club to become the audio broadcasting partner of The Masters 2021. So, you will be able to listen to the live commentary on Sirius XM.

The Masters Golf Tournament is scheduled to start on 5 April this year. But the tournament round will start on 8 April and end on 11 April. A total of four rounds will be played in the competition.

Sirius XM will produce a play-by-play commentary and broadcast them on Sirius XM on all four tournament days. They will be live from Augusta National Golf Club.

Sirius XM is available all over the USA. So, listeners can hear the audio from everywhere in the country. The audio broadcasting will be available on Sirius XM radios, and SiriusXM App. The official app is available on both the Play Store and Apple Store. You can download it from there for free.

You also can have access to Sirius XM via Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant.

Before this, Sirius XM has produced and aired more major golf tournaments for many years. So, expect to hear a detailed play-by-play analysis of the game.

And the interesting thing this year is that it will also broadcast the par 3 contest on Wednesday. This contest of the Masters Golf has never been broadcasted in audio before.

Sirius XM launched a new podcast dedicated to The Masters in collaboration with Augusta National.

The podcast is titled ‘The Masters Show’ hosted by Taylor Zarzour. It airs every Monday night on Sirius XM and will continue to do so till the week of the tournament in April 2021. The podcast is also available on Pandora, Stitcher, and other podcast platforms.

This audio broadcasting provider is really devoted to the masters. Another proof of that is it will produce daily featurettes of the Masters special moments, which will be aired 365 days a year.

However, SiriusXM offers free service for 3 months.

Which is a pretty long time, and after that, you have to purchase their subscription plans. The good thing is you don’t have to provide your credit card information for the free trial period.

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Final Words

Live audio broadcasting is as thrilling as visuals. So, if you’re having a busy day or driving to work, you can listen to the Masters Golf 2021 Live Stream through Sirius XM. The play-by-play commentary is well detailed, and you won’t miss anything.