GoogleInstant Search, Maps, Phone, Gmail, Google Earth and More

Google:Instant Search, Maps, Phone, Gmail, Google Earth and More

Google continues to introduce new tools into their arsenal. By having more intelligent applications at one site the internet experience can be greatly improved. Google searching was only the beginning.

Google Instant

The newest tool Google has brought is Instant . It is based on the idea that a user can read faster than they can type. When inputting a search query in the box, Google will provide a drop down box of links in anticipation of what the search is for. Google estimates a savings of two to five seconds per search.

Google Earth

Google Earth

Available in the free or the paid Pro version, Google Earth gives a view of the planet and then some. The downloadable program allows the user to have points of view from space all the way to cities and towns. New features include historical imagery, ocean and surface data, and weather patterns.

Google Maps

Google Maps allows the user to search for an address and pinpoint on a map. Then directions can be made to the found address from another address. The map can be easily manipulated by zooming in and out, as well as panning in different directions. It can also be viewed as seen from a satellite or a 3D earth view.

Google Maps has greatly improved with the new street view feature. Street view shows actual photographs taken at points on the map. It allows the user to take a virtual visit down a street with panning in all directions and movement along the street.

Gmail Internet Mail

A free internet email account is only the beginning of Gmail. Gmail offers lots of storage space, 7,495 megabytes, to be exact. One of the more interesting features is having emails belong to conversations. Instead of having multiple emails, those that are replies back and forth, are joined together, making them simpler to read through. It is also easy to search all email just like searching the internet.

Gmail claims to have an excellent spam filter. It also allows labeling of email to filter different ones into different boxes. For example, all email with “Facebook” in the sender or subject could be designated to a box labeled “Facebook” to prevent the main inbox from being overrun from those emails. Gmail also offers chat available in text, voice, and video.

Google Voice

Google Voice is a telephone for your computer. Free long distance calls in the USA can be made and low rates for international calling. Google has many features you can’t get with a land line telephone. It is possible to record phone calls on the computer. Perhaps one of the most innovative features is the ability to have messages transcribed and left as emails. Google is constantly raising the bar for new innovations for the internet. With powerful programs like Google Earth, Voice, and Maps, Google is poised to provide a unique user experience for the internet. More than just searching, Google provides unity and power.