Why Is ProHydrolase Important

Why Is ProHydrolase Important?

ProHydrolase is an enzyme blend that improves the effectiveness of protein supplements. When added to a protein powder, it encourages pre-digestion and increases amino acids in the blood. It also decreases C-reactive protein levels and large peptides that can cause digestive discomfort.

It is clinically proven to maximize the benefits of protein supplements and reduce digestive discomfort. It also helps to increase muscle growth and recovery.

It Increases Amino Acids

It Increases Amino Acids

ProHydrolase is a protein-digesting enzyme blend that breaks proteins into smaller peptide fragments and free-form amino acids. This improves digestion and absorption, maximizing the benefit of your protein supplement. It also helps to reduce digestive discomfort that can occur when protein is not digested properly.

The amino acids are then absorbed in the small intestine and into the bloodstream where they can be used by your muscles for muscle growth. In addition, these amino acids regulate blood sugar levels and help boost the body’s natural growth hormone. In fact, numerous in vitro studies plus two separate human clinical studies show that Prohydrolase is superior in its ability to quickly break down protein and increase the availability of amino acids in the bloodstream. In one study, subjects completed a resistance exercise protocol and were given either a whey protein powder alone, a whey protein with ProHydrolase or a non-caloric placebo. The group that consumed the whey protein with ProHydrolase had higher plasma leucine at 30 minutes after ingestion than the other groups.

It Reduces Digestive Discomfort

Many people find it difficult to consume protein due to its lactose content. This is because the body cannot digest lactose properly and can cause gastric distress. But, if the protein is mixed with a digestive enzyme blend such as Prohydrolase, this can help to break down the proteins and decrease the discomfort caused by it.

For example, the protein supplement RE-KAGED has Prohydrolase in it to help reduce the amount of stomach discomfort that is experienced when taking whey protein. This is because the whey protein in RE-KAGED has been ultrafiltered and only contains a small amount of lactose, which can be easily digested.

In addition, the product is sweetened with stevia which has also been shown to have a positive impact on stomach comfort. It also has a proprietary blend of ingredients that includes Bacillus subtilis and Ananas comosus/Bromelain which are both well-researched and generally considered safe. These ingredients can help to maximize the protein absorption rate and improve muscle growth and recovery.

It Increases Protein Availability

It Increases Protein Availability

ProHydrolase breaks protein supplements into smaller amino acids that can be easily absorbed by the body. It has also been shown to reduce digestive discomfort and increase protein availability in the bloodstream. It can also help lower C-reactive protein levels and decrease the large peptides that cause digestive discomfort. This ingredient is also thought to boost muscle growth and improve the immune system. Its ingredients are well-studied and generally considered safe, including Bacillus subtilis and ananas comosus/bromelain (used as a meat tenderizer).

A popular protein powder by GNC called AMP Wheybolic Alpha is one of the few products that uses this enzyme. However, it only contains 250mg of ProHydrolase per serving which is not nearly enough to see any real benefit. In addition, they do not disclose how much they use on the front of the product so customers cannot be sure if they are getting a clinically correct dose. Similarly, Activ Folks’ NaturalWHEY uses this ingredient but does not disclose the amount used on their website.

It Helps in Muscle Growth

The body needs amino acids for muscle growth. The best way to get these amino acids is through protein supplements. However, not all proteins are created equal. Some are easier for the body to digest than others. This is why it is important to use a protein powder that contains Prohydrolase, an enzyme that helps to break down the proteins into smaller molecules so that the body can absorb them.

In addition to being able to boost the availability of amino acids, Prohydrolase also reduces the digestive discomfort that is associated with consuming protein powders. Studies have shown that the protease enzyme blend in Prohydrolase can improve the body’s ability to digest whey protein, increase the availability of amino acids and decrease C-reactive protein levels.


The Prohydrolase enzyme blend is produced by Deerland Probiotics and Enzymes, and it is clinically proven to improve the absorption of protein. This can help athletes, trainers and other fitness enthusiasts to achieve their goals without having to worry about digestion issues.