Why Do I Need a Resin Printer

Why Do I Need a Resin Printer?

If you are planning to do some 3D printing in your home, you should be aware of some important facts. The resin used in the process is toxic, which means that fumes from the process can be hazardous to your lungs and eyes. Furthermore, it is not friendly to sea animals and ecosystem. Using a suitable printer is essential for safety purposes. In addition, you need to wear the proper protective gear when handling the resin. It is also very important to cure the excess resin before disposing it. It is also very important to dispose of the waste properly.

A Resin Print Machine That Is Safe

A Resin Print Machine That Is Safe

Unlike the filament, resin is solid and cannot absorb moisture from the air. Therefore, it is safer to use than other materials for high-quality prints. Moreover, the resins used in a resin 3d printer are engineered to have a specific physical property. This property is not possible in the case of fdm filament. This means that there is no danger of chemical reactions and no need for harsh solvents. In addition, you can install the printer in an air-conditioned space and avoid having to worry about the safety of your family.

Prints As Quickly As Possible

Resin printers are a better choice for those who want to print their models as quickly as possible. These machines are usually more expensive than other 3D printing methods, but their lower cost and faster production time make it an excellent option. A resin printer has minimal configurations, so you can begin printing in no time at all. Besides, the settings are simple and straightforward. However, you should know that you must choose the right orientation for your prints. If you are planning to use the printed parts for outdoor activities, it is best to choose a resin printer with this feature.

More Expensive Than SLA Printers

Resin printers are faster than SLA machines. They require less post-processing, but they are more expensive. They require a full tank of photopolymer. Unlike SLA machines, they are more accurate. Another major advantage is that they are more expensive than DLP and SLA printers. They require more maintenance, but they do not have this issue. There is no need to worry, though, as resin printers are available for a variety of purposes.

More Accurate Than FDM Filament

More Accurate Than FDM Filament

Resin printers have better surface quality. This means that they are more effective than fdm filament. They can resolve fine details and are able to produce models without visible layer lines. Additionally, resin printers are more accurate than SLA machines, so they can be used in more sensitive applications. They are faster than a resin 3D machine. You can buy the parts you need and then install them in your home.


The main difference between FDM and SLA resin printers is their build platform. Compared to an FDM printer, a SLA printer has a much smaller build platform. They are roughly the size of a cell phone. They use a UV backlight to cure the resin. You should always consider this before buying a resin printer. These machines are not cheap and they need regular maintenance. If you want to print larger objects, you should have a large build area.