How to Update a Portable Wifi Driver

How to Update a Portable Wifi Driver?

Generally, most of the people encounter without portable wifi driver how to access the internet after the fresh installation of OS. Because the majority of users using the Windows operating system nowadays. After a fresh installation of os, there is a need to install a network driver’s such portable wifi. It is a rare situation for the user who changing the OS. Without an internet connection, there is possible to install a portable wifi driver. There are two methods followed for network driver installation. First one is to install drivers from driver talent network card and the other one is installed and update from one system to another system. Here we will discuss how to install and update wifi portable driver.

What are the smart quick and automatic solution to install drivers?

What are the smart quick and automatic solution to install drivers

There are no drivers and no internet after a fresh installation of OS. Hence there is a need for the installation of wireless or wired LAN connection or wifi portable. So there are discussed some step to be followed after OS installation. First, you have to navigate through a computer which has an internet connection. Then you can download the file talent driver for network card which is in the file extension of .exe then you can copy it in the USB drive such as pen drive or memory card. Then plug into your freshly OS installed computer. Then copy the installation file and run it on the computer. Then the advanced configuration setup file is installed with scanning.

Once this file is installed in your device, then it will require to restart the computer. After that, the installation procedure of wifi portable is working fine and the computer got internet access. Then open the device manager and right-click on the wifi adapter option in that. Then you can find the update driver. Then you can click and update the software from there. Here you can download and update the driver which you want. Then the windows OS will install and update with the complete procedure in a suitable location. It is the quick way process and then you can proceed these steps properly for the easy access of wifi or internet. Then the proper update of the driver will help you to run the internet without any problem.

Pre-downloaded network driver software installation procedure:

The user can use another computer for the support odd installing and update the driver software with the simple step procedures. Pre-download software is available on the internet. There you can download it which included the network driver software. All the driver software for every computer operating system is available on the internet. You can download it correctly and then you can install that driver software properly which should be based on the proper procedures. Once the complete installation is done, then the updating process is easy as well. It is mentioned above for your reference. There are more versions available in many websites. The knowledge of selecting appropriate drivers is the most important thing while preparing for the OS reinstallation.