How to Make Money with Scrap Copper?

How to Make Money with Scrap Copper?

Scrap copper can be used in a few ways to make money. The most obvious way is to sell the metal to a recycling center. You can sell any unused metals for cash. You can also buy other metals, like brass, at a recycler near you. These metals are also known as tin, and can be recycled into new metal. You can also sell them online. Here’s how.

What Is Copper?

What Is Copper

Getting cash for copper is easy if you know what to do. Most people don’t think about the money they will earn. After all, they just throw it away. But, the truth is, most of us waste copper. It is in our daily lives. Our vases, jugs, and kettles are made of it. Regardless of its use, copper is a very valuable metal that can be turned into cash.

Recycling of Copper

The best part of recycling copper is that it is the most valuable metal. You can get money by selling unused items such as copper wire. It is highly sought after by the recycling industry and can fetch a great price. Typical scrap metal items include #1 bare bright wire, #2 bare bright wire, and aluminum cans. The tiniest pieces of copper will fetch $0.50 a pound.

 Easy to Recycle Scrap Copper

Not all scrap metal is equal. Some ferrous metals are worth more than others, while others are worth much less. However, copper is the most profitable and easiest to identify. It is used in plumbing, circuit boards, and electrical wiring. By recycling copper, you can keep the metal from ending up in landfills. The best part is that you can turn scrap copper into a profitable business and save the environment at the same time.

How to Sell Scrap Copper

After sorting the metals by type, you can start selling them to recyclers. You can sell your copper in different shapes and sizes, depending on its size. Besides, the price of copper depends on what you have. If you have scrap brass, you can sell it for cash. If you have plastic, or steel, you’ll make money with scrap copper. For this, you can try calling scrap yards near you.

Using a magnet, you can sort your scrap materials. You should also separate your copper into different containers. You can sort the metals by type. Then, you can sell them for cash.

The first step in recycling is to sort the scrap. If you have a large amount of copper, you can sell it for as much as you can. The more metal you sell, the more you can earn. But the more you can sell it, the better.

The second step in recycling scrap metals is to sort the scrap metals by type. If it’s copper, it’s easier to determine its value when separated. Non-ferrous metals are worth more, so if you have scrapped iron, you can sell it to an iron-smelter or an aluminum-melting mill. You can also sell copper wire bare, but it may be less valuable if you have a plastic covering.

Remove Extra Material

Sorting the copper wires, you can begin separating the other material. You should place the copper pieces on one side of the metal. You can put the rest aside to be processed later. But remember to remove any extra material from the copper. This is important because it helps you calculate the price of the copper. You’ll need a magnet, a container with a lid, and a calculator.


When you have scrap copper, you can sell the copper wire to the right buyer. You can also sell the copper elements in power cords, which are worth more than $100 each. It is best to check the grade of the copper before selling it. A good quality piece of copper will be 94-96% copper. Once you’ve stripped the wires, it’s time to sort them into groups. This will increase the price of the scrap metal.