How to Keep Earbuds from Tangling

How to Keep Earbuds from Tangling?

Nowadays, everyone facing the same problem that how to keep their earbuds from tangling and this is not a big issue but when the need for this is high and the problem has occurred then it will make you feel frustrated. And when you find out the tangled earbuds then it takes about five minutes to untangle it. So will are more likely to lose your temper and throw it away. You do not need to regret it after all because of the following instruction. By reading those points you will get an idea about how to prevent it from tangling.

Try to make an earbud holder using wooden clothespins, glue, and tape. The first step is applying the glue to each pin and if you want to do any decorations then you can otherwise leave it for some hours. The second step is to clip the earbuds on the second end and wrap the wire around the clothespin and pinch the plug on the next side. It takes only less than five minutes to untangle it. By using this way you can prevent it from tangle also. even you can use this way to untangle the mobile phone charge also.

Why DangoBuds are useful for travelers?

Why DangoBuds are useful for travelers

Generally, every earbuds are suitable for travelers because they need some peaceful music while traveling for not to sleep. Wired earbuds are not convenient to those type of people so using wireless earbuds like DangoBuds are suitable for them. Because they have portable charging boxes and the person can listen to music without any environmental sound. Not only travelers, even people who go to work can use these earbuds to relax and during leisure period, sports time also can use this.

Some earbuds cannot show the incoming call notification while music is on but these DangoBuds will turn off the music for incoming calls and the song will continue after hanging up the call. This means there is no need to get the mobile phone out from the pocket when you use the best pair of portable earphones. This prevents your mobile phone from slipping while jogging or any careless movements. The full function of these earbuds will be controlled at any time at the touch of a single button on the device. There is a lot of advantages of using these earbuds so if you want to know more then click here visit this link.

Difference between DangoBuds and other buds:

You can feel the difference between these buds and other buds after using it. Many earphones have the disadvantage that they start pressing the ear cups after some minutes. According to the manufacturer’s statement, these DangoBuds provide a high comfort and they do not press the ear cups after some minutes. All the surrounding noises are shielded so those noises do not disturb you when listening to your favorite music. Also, the charging case will provide a practical function. And that portable box is very small in size and compact so it fits in every small pocket.