Hotmail Justice, Through the Eyes of an Old Man

Hotmail Justice, Through the Eyes of an Old Man

This very short story of mine begins sometimes in the summer of 2010. I received an e-mail from an old friend of mine who I hadn’t seen or spoken to in years. She was furious at me , for sending her all kinds of junk e-mail and clogging up her mail system, with stuff that she didn’t want or ask for. And she wanted me to stop, or she was going to contact her attorney. I was so taken back by her abusive and threatening language, that I knew I had to call her and resolve the issue. However, after listening to her for a few moments and trying to apologize for something I hadn’t done, I realized that my e-mail account was being hacked by some outside vandals, who hijacked all the names of my personal friends and family and were routinely sending out trashy material under my name. Being a novice on the internet, I didn’t treat this situation as too serious, since I really didn’t know how to stop it anyway and just let it slide. Until one day, when I myself received a trashy note, sent to me at my office. In the heading of the note, it said that I sent it out from my personal computer at home, which of course I didn’t.

Hotmail Justice

At that point in time, the hacking had been going on for weeks and as a novice who doesn’t know his way around the internet too well, I just shrugged it off with hopes that in time, these hijackers will get tired of the game and stop. But they didn’t. And before long, it came to the attention of the Hotmail people themselves, who suddenly blocked my account one day, without any warning or notice.l. The last time I accessed that account, was on Oct 28, 2010 the night before I left to visit my grandchildren in New York. Check out here at website to get more tricks to reuse your hotmail.

I tried in vain several times to contact the Hotmail people regarding this issue, but all to no avail. They kept telling me to change my password and everything will be okay, which it wasn’t. On several occasions, they sent me a questionaire about the account. There were lots of questions which I thought were kind of strange, that were asked to verify the ownership of the account. One in particular that stands out was, “what’s your answer to the secret question?.” Now I have to tell you, I joined Hotmail several years ago and as a 76 year old man, I can’t recall what I did five minutes ago, let alone years ago. I know I could have answered the secret question, IF I knew what the question was. Another queation asks you to list all your friends you had on your e-mail list which I did, Another my credit card info, etc, etc, I truthfully answered all these questions that this old man could, but it still wasn’t enough. I was refused by Hotmail and now, could never use that address again. Losing all of my personal photos that I could never recover.

Here I am today, hijacked by some crazies and then screwed by Hotmail, I sit brokenhearted and dejected. All over a situation, which I myself didn’t create and/or have any control over. Feeling victimized by both the hijackers and Hotmail. And at the end of their obligatory refusal, they had the audacity to ask, if I would like to sign up for a new account.

Hotmail Justice, at its best. Through the eyes of this old man.